• Beauregard Sweet Potato Plants - Steele Plant Company

    Beauregard Sweet Potato Plants

    A fast-maturing, widely-adapted variety that grows well in the northern and southern states. Produces high yields of beautiful and delicious sweet potatoes.

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  • Georgia Jet Sweet Potato Plants - Steele Plant Company

    Georgia Jet Sweet Potato Plants

    The best-tasting sweet potato variety you'll find! Georgia Jet produces round sweet potatoes that have a moist and delicate orange flesh for baking.

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  • Murasaki Sweet Potato Plants - Steele Plant Company

    Murasaki Sweet Potato Plants

    Our most nutritious sweet potato variety with a vibrant outer skin. These sweet potatoes have white flesh, a nutty flavor, and a high vitamin content.

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Our Focused Collections include specifically-selected combinations of sweet potato varieties that are designed to perform well in certain situations. We've used our decades of sweet potato growing experience to curate these collections that will help you have a more bountiful sweet potato harvest. Whether you're a container gardener or live in the northern states and have a short summer, these collections will ensure you're still able to grow delicious sweet potatoes!

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Certified Sweet Potato Plants

All our sweet potatoes plants are inspected and certified to be free of plant diseases. This rigorous certification process ensures you receive the highest-quality plants that will produce abundant yields of delicious sweet potatoes in your garden.

All sweet potato plants are packed and shipped the same day. This guarantees the plants will be fresh when they arrive at your door.

Upon receiving your plants, we recommend placing each bundle in a jar of water for a few days prior to planting. This will allow the plants to recover from any shipping stress and start growing as soon as they're planted.

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Quality Plants + Customer Service

Steele Plant Company was founded in 1953 in Gleason, Tennessee by Claude Steele and Dudley "Butch" Sanders. Claude was a produce man and Butch was a school teacher. Initially the sweet potato farm was intended to provide a second income for the guys, but it soon become a full-time business and a family tradition.

The tradition continues today as future generations of the family continue to produce a wide variety of sweet potato plants in West Tennessee. The Steele Plant Company mission has always been to "provide the highest quality plants and the best customer service possible."