Choose the Right Onion Variety for You!

Onion Planting Map

Onions have two distinct growing phases: the vegetative and bulbing phase. Onion varieties are categorized based on the average day-length when they start the bulbing phase.

Use this map to pick the right onion varieties for your area. Choosing the right day-length varieties for your area will ensure you'll grow the largest onions possible.

If you're on the edge of any of the distinct day-length regions, you can grow either of those types. For example if you live in northern TX, you can grow intermediate day or short day varieties.

  • Short Day Onions

    These varieties perform best in southern latitudes where winters are mild. Choose from our selection of red, white, and yellow short-day onion plants.

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  • Intermediate Day Onions

    These varieties perform best in the middle of the country and established plants will start bulbing when day length reaches 12-14 hours per day.

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  • Long Day Onions

    These varieties require 14-16 hours of daylight for bulbing and perform best in northern latitudes. Try them all with our Long Day Onion Plant Collection!

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