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Candy Hybrid Onion Plants

Candy Hybrid Onion Plants

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50-70 Plants Per Bunch

Day Length Type

Intermediate Day

Maturity Date

100 Days

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Onions will be shipped in accordance with recommended planting dates for your area. See our onion plant shipping schedule below.

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Candy Hybrid Onion Features:

Our Candy Hybrid Onion Plants produce some of the sweetest onions you've ever had in just 100 days from transplanting. It is an intermediate day onion variety that grows well for backyard gardeners located in the middle of the country. It can also be grown by those gardeners on the southern edge of the long day onion planting range and those on the northern edge of the short day onion planting range.

These Candy Hybrid Onion Plants produce jumbo onions that can grow as large as 6" in diameter. This variety produces onions with a round shape that is slightly flattened at full maturity. They have a yellow skin and a white flesh that is sweet and juicy. After harvesting, Candy Onions will usually store for at least three months in a cool, dry place.

Candy Hybrid Onion Growing Tips:

Our Candy Hybrid Onion Plants should be planted in late winter, approximately four to six weeks before your average last frost date. Established onion plants can tolerate temperatures down to 20°F, but young onion transplants will be more sensitive. Place the onion transplants 6" apart in your raised bed or in-ground garden and water them well for best results.

Onion plants are heavy feeders and will perform best in fertile soils. If your soils are not naturally fertile, you'll need to fertilize the plants to grow large onions. Feed the onions a balanced fertilizer (relatively equal parts of N-P-K) at planting or shortly after. Once the plants establish and start growing, feed them a couple times with a nitrogen-based fertilizer and watch them grow!

*For more general onion growing tips, click here.

Onion Plants from Steele Plant Company

Farm Fresh Onion Plants

Our onion plants are field grown to ensure the highest-quality onion plants for our customers.

After being harvested from the field, our onion plants are cleaned, trimmed, boxed, and shipped to you. We want our customers to have the freshest plants so they can be successful growing their own onions.

When your onion plants arrive, open the box immediately and unwrap the individual onion plant bundles. We recommend planting them as soon as possible, but they'll be fine in a cool dry area for one to two weeks.

  • Onion plants will be shipped during the windows listed on the shipping schedule, in accordance with the colors on the shipping map. Please note that our onion plant shipping schedule differs from our sweet potato plant shipping schedule. If you order sweet potato plants and onion plants, you'll receive them at different times.

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