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Bunch Porto Rico Sweet Potato Plants

Bunch Porto Rico Sweet Potato Plants

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Skin: Copper
Flesh: Variegated (orange, pink, & yellow)

Maturity Date

120 Days

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All plants are packed and shipped the same day. See our shipping schedule below.

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Bunch Porto Rico Sweet Potato Features:

Bunch Porto Rico sweet potato plants have a "bush" growth habit, which makes them ideal for gardeners with limited space. The plants will still produce a significant amount of vines, but the vines don't trail as much as traditional varieties. Bunch Porto Rico performs well when grown in containers or raised beds. Just be aware that the vines will likely crawl over the side of the container or bed.

Bunch Porto Rico was the favorite variety of our co-founder Claude Steele. This is a great-tasting sweet potato with a copper skin and variegated flesh with shades of orange, yellow, and pink. It has a drier, more stringy texture, which makes it a great option for frying or roasting.

Bunch Porto Rico Sweet Potato Growing Tips:

Bunch Porto Rico sweet potatoes have a 120 day maturity date and are one of our longest-maturity sweet potato varieties. As a result, we don't recommend this variety for the northern states where the warm growing season is limited. Bunch Porto Rico is ideal for areas with a long, hot summer season.

Our Bunch Porto Rico sweet potato plants should be planted once your garden soils are consistently warm in the spring or early summer months. Sweet potato plants should be planted on a 4' row spacing with 10-12" between plants along the row. Bunch Porto Rico plants do not like soil that stay saturated, so be sure to plant them in an area that drains well.

*For more general sweet potato growing tips, click here.

Certified Sweet Potato Plants

All our sweet potato plants are inspected and certified to be disease-free. Our fields are regularly inspected and the sweet potatoes are checked daily during the harvest period.

The sweet potatoes are inspected again once in the storage house and checked a fourth time when placed in the beds for plant production.

This certification process is rigorous, but ensures our customers receive the highest-quality sweet potato plants.

  • Sweet potato plants should be planted once the risk of frost has passed and soils have warmed. Our plant shipping schedule ensures your sweet potato plants will arrive when your weather is ideal for planting. This schedule also ensures that you'll receive your plants in time for the sweet potato plants to reach full maturity before your first frost in fall.

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